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From Bluebells to Fox gloves.

We had the most amazing Bluebells even if we had to wait longer than usual this spring. The smell was so strong and the colour matched the blue sky. The Fox gloves are reaching high and starting to open ready for the Bubble bees to bubble in and cover their hairy bodies with the pollen.

The beautiful Bluebells smelling strong.

We have had an amazing term looking at the book, 'The Very Busy Spider'. The children made webs big and small, hunted bugs, spiders and studied the life cycle of a dragon fly. Bug hotels were made and look amazing. The mud kitchen was a real hit as usual and we even did mud painting using natural materials as brushes.

We hammered and made webs.

We even made our own webs to get stuck in.

The hot chocolate is still a hit even in the hot weather along with toasting marshmallows. The children love to fill and feed the Kelly Kettle to boil the water. Some children enjoyed striking the dragon sneeze to start the fire, which some children did with very little help.

Heating our water in the Kelly kettle.

The children have grown in confidence and have started to explore and develop in many ways, it is so lovely to see.

Looking at the dragon fly nymphs

A dragon fly pumping his wings after hatching.

Looking forward to next months fun.

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