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The end of an amazing first year.

We are nearing the end of an amazing first year running regular toddler sessions. I have met amazing local families and some as far as Australia.

We have been very busy learning about the natural environment and developing practical skills which is a big part of Forest school.

There are also important skills and openings to develop;

· Self-esteem,

· Self-confidence,

· Social skills,

· The development of language and communication are all very much part of the approach.

Also, there are regular opportunities that can be covered;

· physical motor skills,

· motivation and concentration are all support in this environment.

With these opportunities, the learner, have to take appropriate risks, such as tool use, fire lighting and tree climbing. These opportunities build self -confidence, allowing the learners to develop physical and mentally providing them with skills to calculateand handle risk.

We wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you and some new faces in 2019.

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