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Forest school

Wishanger Wild School runs a range of  courses and workshop based on the Surrey Hampshire Border. 

Forest school

Allowing a fun and safe learning environment, giving children the perfect way to learn.

Studies Show that children who play outside:

  • Are healthier physically and mentally.

  • Do better in school.

  • Have higher self-esteem.

  • Have good self-discipline

  • Feel more capable and confident.

  • Are good problem solvers.

  • Feel more connected to nature.

  • Are more cooperative with others.

  • Are tomorrow's conservation advisors.

  • Are better at assessing their own risk.

Wishanger Wild School Forest school is a place where children are inspired through nature.


Ways in which Forest School fosters resilient, confident, independent and creative learners.

Wishanger Wild School, Forest school is the ideal setting to develop resilient, confident, independent and creative learners. Sessions that run right through the year whatever the weathers, helps to promote a resilience as children have to adapt to conditions and they can modify activities for the seasons.

Wishanger wild school can develop creativity in many ways, as the learner can decide on and explore, the ways they go about challenges. Creativity doesn't just have to be art center activities and the woodland is an unrestricted environment where learners can prosper creatively. Using the environment and its natural materials like, logs, sticks, leaves, soil, etc, the learners can create and improve, and building on their confidence and independence. This can be shown when taking risks, this will help them to learn their own limits. Our forest school ethos encourages learners to push themselves out of their comfort zone. This will help them to promote resilience, confident, independent and become creative learners, as Forest school leaders we do not tell children what to do, they present ideas, activities and resources that encourage the children to engage their interests and creating a child led learning.

Child led learning encourages independence and teaches them that they do not have to rely on adults help or gain approval before having ago at something. In this environment where children are encouraged to think seriously and creatively it will cultivate learners to build on their skills. Children who do attend forest school sessions over time do develop more confidence in decision making, in relation to their learning.

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