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Home Ed sessions

My boys absolutely love going to wild school with Hannah. My youngest is so anxious doing anything and finds most groups really difficult to access but this is in his words, “the best thing”, he does. Add to that the knowledge that Hannah has and of course the toasting bread and marshmallows on a fire and it’s a perfect win for everyone.

We run fortnightly sessions on a Monday 12.30- 2.30 or a Tuesday 1-3. These sessions are for Home Ed families and parents are very welcome to stay.

The activities available will depend on the experience of the learners and each session lasts approximately 2 hours. Examples of Forest School activities may include:

* Woodland management and nature study/investigation

* Building dens and other structures or furniture

* Fire and cooking

* Games and guidance into creative, inspired play

* Natural crafts

* Using and making tools

* Scavenger hunts and adventure


Cost: £10 per child, £5 for siblings, this includes a drink and a snack.

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